Thy Name is Buchholz

The Red Sox rookie pitches a no-hitter.



I predict this win propels the Red Sox to the division title. Forget the 3-game sweep in NY this past week. Forget the fact that everyone fears the Yankees because, well... it's the Yankees. Oh and that they have won the division for a decade now.

Nothing says mojo like an unlikely late-season highlight in baseball. It's like 2003 when the Sox would go down 0-2 in the ALDS (to the Athletics) and still win in 5, then take the Yankees to the brink in the ALCS only to run out of gas (well, Pedro anyway) in Game 7. Or how about the 2004 season and what seemed like every other night's walk-off HR by David Ortiz. And THAT season was capped off by a World Series title, the first in 86 years, including the GREATEST. COMEBACK. EVER. (h/t to Shanoff for the format.)

Yup, it feels like that again in RSN (Red Sox Nation). This year we didn't have the big trade like '04's Nomar trade that, undeniably, added the 2 key additions to put that year's club over the top (Cabrera and Roberts). But is it crazy to imagine the return of Schilling and the now meteoric rising of Clay (no last name necessary) in this rotation that already has a Cy Young front runner in Beckett and the pre-season hot story in Daisuke (who I think has fulfilled expectations) will be the X-factor of the 2007 Red Sox much like Cabrera/Roberts in 2004?

I know, I know. The Red Sox have the second highest payroll in baseball and should be a favorite by default. But throwing money around does not guarantee a ring (ask the Yankees). And I know, as any Red Sox fan can attest, I have had that perennial pit in my stomach that this season needed some magic before I could feel good about a post season run.

The magic happened tonight. And thy name is Buchholz.

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