Poor Sports Reporting

I find the major sports websites (which, to clarify, I respect much less than the quality sports BLOGS out there) are severely lacking in their reporting skills these days. I could list numerous reasons, but right up there has got to be the abuse of the A/P wire. What really bugs me about the way sites like the 4-letter use the A/P is because there is simply no true reporting- no thoughtful questions or insight that makes you want to read or take an interest. By the way, this is something that the blogs out there like Deadspin, Dan Shanoff, and AOL Fanhouse do very well.

Case in point... OK ,so no one will probably bring up the NHL in the off-season (let alone during the season) other than me, but I just need to point out yet another reason why "chop shops" like the 4-letter are so weak in their sports reporting:

Sheldon Souray signed a 5-year deal with the Oilers, which seems like a little bit of a shock that anyone these days, let alone the premier FA defenseman on the market, would signed with Edmonton.

But then you look where Souray grew up- Elk Point, Alberta, Canada. Hello! 2 and a half hours outside of Edmonton!

Gee, I wonder why the guy signed there? Souray even says it was not about the money. But does anyone interview the guy and say, "Well, Sheldon, if it was not the money, then what are the specific reasons for signing in Edmonton?" or, "Sheldon, did growing up in Alberta play a factor in your signing here?" and, "Were you an Oilers fan growing up?"

Now , it is quite possible, even probable, one of the local Alberta guys did ask such questions. But because the big guys utilize the A/P instead of their ridiculous reservoir of personnel and send someone up there, you would never know if those questions were asked.

Ah well, at least I still have the sports blogs.

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