About Last Night...

Dice-K? More like Dud-K. Man I'm glad my Sox spent $100mil on this guy. Wait til he's been through the entire A.L. and teams start seeing him for the 2nd/3rd time post All-Star break. The counter argument being give the guy at least 1/2 a season in the bigs to warm up and get comfortable in the new environment. But wow, 7ER in 5 IP? Worse still... 5BB to 1K. His command was horrible to watch.

Again, my push for NHL coverage. Another OT game. 2-1 Ducks. Ducks win series 4-1. What does it say about the Canucks that they cannot outscore the similarly impotent Ducks? Oh that's right- the Ducks have 2 of the top 3 Defensemen in the league blue lining for them. Incidentally... there have been 17 Round 2 playoff games so far in the NHL. 13 of them have been decided by 1 goal- 13 out of 17 games!!! You must watch this happening (and wager on it). I said it preeviously and I will say it again. Top 3 NHL playoffs of all time.

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