Drew Bledsoe: 1993-2007

While it reads like an obit, the caption says it all- the end of an era. This guy WAS the Patriots when New England began its ascent. You can say what you want about the Second Act of his career (Buffalo/Dallas), but Drew Bledsoe was a top QB until "the hit". He had led the Pats to their first SB since '85/'86 when the Pats took on the Packers in '97. And he was still a veteran influence (albeit from the sideline mostly) after Brady took over to make the run to their first title in 2001.

The #1 overall pick in '94, Bledsoe nearly singlehandedly revived football around here. His arrival, along with Parcells and the Kraft family, were really the beginning of the Golden Era in Patriots Nation. Heck, there was no Patriot's Nation before that triumvirate.

You could go to training camp any day and it would be a desert at Bryant College in Smithfield. After Bledsoe's and Parcell's arrival, training camp started becoming an event. I remember what used to be a dozen or so fans became hundreds, complete with merchandise, and cameras, and coolers and umbrellas to stake out a spot and watch all day long.

I know we have to give credit to Belichick and Brady, et al. for our current dominance, but as a true lifelong Pats' fan, I cannot and will not ever overlook Bledsoe's contributions to New England professional football. Thanks, Drew.

His final stats:



Career 3839 6717 44611 57.2 6.64 86 251 206 467 77.1

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