Fantasy Baseball "I Will Never..."

So, yes, I play in a Fantasy Baseball League. It's fun, but I don;t go overboard with FBB and sign up for 5 different leagues because I need the "fix" of every different set of scoring rules. But still, I spend some time preparing for my draft (next week). And 1 thing I have learned in my experience is this... I will never draft over-the-hill, over-used, oft-injured, over-rated, and flat out over-exposed players. That being said, this season, here's my top 5 that I will never draft (in order of approximate/estimated/over-hyped value):

  1. Miggy Tejada- over-hyped even for the thin SS position. Where did the power go? While he'd be a good value after Rd 3, 1st 3 rounds is high.
  2. Bobby Abreu- over-hyped last year, over-the-hill this year. 2005 HR Derby haunts him.
  3. Carlos Lee- Sure, he was my steal last year (AND netted me a blockbuster trade for K-Rod), but his numbers slipped in the 2nd half and he has no upside to earn his new $100 mil.
  4. Ben Sheets- IS there even any "upside" at this point to a young pitcher who is hurt so much?
  5. Dontrelle Willis- Just in case you are confused, for a pitcher, 1 good year out of 3 is not the same as a HOFer who hits .333.

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