This is why we love John Daly. The guy is just about every guy's alter ego fantasy. Observe this assumed daily schedule for J.D.:

Get up.
Scratch and sniff.
Place bets with bookie.
Drink. Smoke.
Get a limo to the airport.
Drink. Smoke 1 last one before the flight.
Get on the plane.
Show up at a PGA Tour event.
Drink. Gamble in the clubhouse.
Play golf badly, but because you have all the natural ability in the world, you don't look like you suck.
Drink. Get paid sponsorship money for showing up.
Drink. Smoke.
Drink. Smoke. Eat some fast food (hey, every guy's gotta throw down a few burritos or KFC to keep going- and to look like J.D.'s physique)
Board flight for Las Vegas.
Drink. Smoke. Gamble all night.

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