2 Cents Worth...

Branching out? More Like Breaching Out.
Deion Branch is all that is wrong between the NFLPA and the NFL's new CBA. In 2 words... unguaranteed contracts. More on this later.

The new iTunes 7 is out.
Pretty cool thus far. I do like the idea of the "Cover View" (where you can scroll through the cover art like a jukebox), but I find my colleciton has a lot of holes. Even though iTunes says it will even update songs/albums you imprted via CD, I find a lot of my CDs are not getting their art attached in iTunes (yet).

I was thinking about this yesterday and I decided that there will no longer be the traditional audio/video system setup people are used to having as their entertainment stations... you know, Receiver/Tuner with DVD, VCR, CD Player, TV, Speakers, etc. stacked neatly in an obnoxious and unstylish shelf rack with wires in all directions out of the back. Instead, the new entertainment setup is: Digital Cable Box w/DVR, Apple's new iTV (concept name) media player, wall mounted Plasma HDTV with a
mini tower computer and Slingbox in your office/computer room, away from the action. Heck, even have a server run in the basement as a stand alone. That's it. No more need for a tuner or receiver to route components. No more wires (yuck), and no more ugly rack as pseudo furniture. It's all through the computer and digital cable box. All you need is a sweet entertainment armoire or low top TV stand with shelves. "Be discrete" is the new "look at my rack". If you can see wires, as Hedi Klum would say, "you, are OUT."

From Russia with Love
Top Russian central banker shot to death... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14826889/
And it happened outside of a Moscow sports stadium after the guy was leaving an employee soccer match. Classic! Makes you think twice about joining that office co-ed softball team next year.

Allegedly it appears like a Russian mob hit. It just goes to show you that crime doesn't pay... so shoot the banker.

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